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Doodle Buddy iPad App

Doodle Buddy iPad App

Doodle buddy is a simple lightweight drawing app that has been optimized for the iPad. Its focus is designed mainly towards children to doodle and create artwork with.

Alex Rated it ★★★½☆
Yelp iPad App

Yelp iPad App

Never will it be so easy to find the closest 24hour McDonalds to get your McRib on now that Yelp for iPad has been released.

Alex Rated it ★★★★½
Google iPad App

Google Mobile iPad App

The Google Mobile App serves as more of a hub to other Google products. While it’s search function and integration with Google accounts is useful, the actual app itself does not provide too much use that cannot already be done in Safari and default iPad apps.

Alex Rated it ★★★½☆

Urbanspoon For iPad App

Completely free for the iPad, the Urbanspoon app loads smoothly, experiences few crashes, and manages to help suggest restaraunts without bombarding you with advertisements or sponsored reviews.

Will Rated it ★★★★☆
Floaty Memo

FloatyMemo iPad App

FloatyMemo is an alternative to the native Notes app. It has all the basic functionality of a quick memo editor with a few additional features and an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Alex Rated it ★★½☆☆
Nightstand Central Free

Nightstand Central Free iPad App

Nightstand Central for the iPad is a quick way to make use of your iPad when you’re not using it. Although some would prefer to make it a digital picture frame, I don’t have very many pictures nor do I want to look at my friends while I’m doing other ...

Tony Rated it ★★★☆☆
Dropbox iPad App

Dropbox iPad App

Dropbox, a cloud storage service that started out first with the web, has now expanded its product to the iPad. For those unfamiliar with Dropbox, it is a free service that provides 2gigs of space to store and be accessed anywhere with a web connection and across devices. Additional space ...

Alex Rated it ★★★½☆
The Weather Channel iPad App

The Weather Channel Max For iPad

Prior to the August 25 update to the Weather Channel Max for iPad App, TWC's app was buggy, crashed often and full of nasty intruding ads. It was such a poor app that no one on our review staff bothered to take the time to spend any time on TWC. ...

Will Rated it ★★★☆☆

Weatherstation Free iPad App

WeatherStation is a simple, take-it-as-you-see-it kind of app. It is as a weather app should be—it tells you the weather, and not much more—and that’s why I love it. This app has one screen with two pop-up menus: one to set the location, and one to set the color scheme. ...

Heidi Rated it ★★★★☆
Draw (Free) iPad App

Draw Free For iPad App

Draw Free iPad is a straightforward doodle application for the iPad.

Tony Rated it ★★½☆☆
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