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Rough Guides World Lens

Rough Guides World Lens iPad App

Rough Guides World Lens is a great resource to fully bring out the potential of the iPad screen.

Alex Rated it ★★★★½
Nightstand Central Free

Nightstand Central Free iPad App

Nightstand Central for the iPad is a quick way to make use of your iPad when you’re not using it. Although some would prefer to make it a digital picture frame, I don’t have very many pictures nor do I want to look at my friends while I’m doing other ...

Tony Rated it ★★★☆☆
Cityseries iPad App

Cityseries iPad App

If the Yelp App met the Urban Spoon App and had a baby, that baby would be the City Series iPad App. An offshoot of the online local guide website, the City Series iPad App brings featured articles from local venues, restaurant recommendations, and pictures for foodies and cosmopolitans.

Will Rated it ★★★½☆
Epicurious iPad App

Epicurious iPad App

From all the people who have little time on their hands and are sick of eating ramen noodles every day to those looking to entertain an entire party, for those who can julienne a cucumber to those who can barely boil water, I suggest you pick up Epicurious for the ...

Tony Rated it ★★★★½
Betty Crocker iPad App

The Betty Crocker Cookbook For iPad App

As one of the most well-known household names, it was only a matter of time before Betty Crocker entered into the iPad app market. The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad is a virtual recipe book filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of recipes, and growing.

Heidi Rated it ★★★★★
Wikihood iPad App

Wikihood For iPad App

Wikihood is the most knowledgeable, readily accessible and least annoying tour guide you will ever meet. Whether you're living in a big city or small town, Wikihood combines your geographic location with Wikipedia data to show you important sites in your area, what spots others have found interesting, historical events ...

Will Rated it ★★★★★
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