Zite iPad App
Zite iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

Zite iPad App

Zite, the “intelligent magazine” for iPad is a news aggregator that takes your interests from Twitter and/or Google Reader to generate reading recommendations based on your tastes.

After syncing Twitter/Google Reader, Zite automatically scans your subscriptions and links to create personalized sections of news based on common interests. After linking my own Google Reader account, Zite deduced that my favorite subjects and created specialized sections around entrepreneurship, social media and technology. On my homepage feed, Zite pulled in on-topic articles from around the web and placed the feed similar to Flipboard.

Upon first review, I was skeptical whether or not Zite’s algorithm could make relevant recommendations. But as far as my recommendations went, Zite was spot-on with guessing articles that I would be interested in.

In case you do find an article that’s way out of left field or just completely uninteresting to you, Zite provides thumbs up or down buttons that provides information to Zite to create a better feed for you. The thumbs are similar to how Pandora’s music matching works and related articles will now be given a bump or factored out depending on your selection.

Zite, only having launched it’s iPad app earlier this month along with the iPad 2 launch, faces steep competition to be your news feed app of choice. Pulse is a great free reader app to sync RSS feeds organized by websites. Flipboard is a visually appealing and easy-to-use reader that pulls in both social and web content. But Zite, in my opinion, has found a niche even amongst solid options like Pulse and Flipboard by suggesting relevant articles you may not have otherwise discovered on your own.

Our final verdict, Flipboard and Pulse are great reader apps, but if you’re not particularly loyal to any particular website or publication and just want interesting articles to come your way, then Zite is your news app champion.

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