Yelp iPad App
Yelp iPad App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

Yelp iPad App

Never will it be so easy to find the closest 24hour McDonalds to get your McRib on now that Yelp for iPad has been released. Yelp is online urban city guide that provides detailed information and listings for businesses around the United States. Yelp is famous for its active community which ranks and rates each business to help filter out the good from the bad. With the iPad-specific Yelp app, there’s no reason why the online travel review site should not be used by every iPad owner.

All the basic functions of the Yelp website can be found as part of the app. Users can browse for gas stations, restaurants and local businesses all around the country. All the standard filters are available to help locate by geography, operating hours or user-ratings. One advantage that the iPad app has over the iPhone app is that you can also log in and write reviews (for those looking to get into Elite status!). It’s a great feature to be able to quickly open the app and fill out a review while the impression is still fresh. Options to share your review through your twitter or facebook stream are also available.

If you’re just browsing for something general in your area, the app can do that too. Regardless of if you are on 3g or Wifi, the Yelp app can track your current location and provide suggestions on whatever you search for.  Taking advantage of the extra screen size of the iPad, local search results will display along side a map of the area. This is really useful when trying to decide by rating and what’s closest for convenience.

What separates this app from all of the other iterations of Yelp applications is the way user uploaded photos are displayed as part of business details pages and search result pages. The image gallery is beautifully optimized for iPad users. It’s easy to see the how the atmosphere is of a lounge through a gallery, or see a menu through photos of the shady-looking burrito joint down the street. Although these pictures can be found on the website, the way they are presented with the iPad makes them much more usable.

Yelp for iPad is essentially what the rest of Yelp sites should optimize to in the near future. It possesses all of the functionality of the main Yelp site, but optimized to look and feel much more user friendly.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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