Words With Friends (Free)
Words With Friends HD Free iPad App
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Words With Friends HD Free iPad App

Words With Friends HD Free iPad App Review

It looks like Scrabble, it feels like Scrabble, but it’s Words With Friends! The popular iPhone game that lets friends and strangers challenge each other to a series of turned-based literati duels is now available for free on the iPad. While developers NewToyInc. had already released a premium ad-free paid version for $2.99 in the App Store, the latest version lets you play the game for free so long as you open yourself up to a few advertisements here and there.

If you’ve never played the game, the game is pretty much Scrabble sans a few changes to avoid a direct copy of the classic board game. The only difference is really where the bonuses (double letter score, double word score, triple letter score and triple word score slots) are placed at different parts on the board. The game is incredibly addicting and lets you find your friends either through their user name, Facebook, or Twitter information. I don’t believe there’s a maximum to the amount of games you can have going at any point. For myself, I have at least 10 games going on at any point.


The best part about Words with Friends, you can sync the same game across devices since every game is linked to a user name. No need to limit yourself to just the iPad community. Setting up an account lets you play against anyone who has a Words With Friends account regardless if their using the iPad or iPhone.

Some people are find the advertisement a huge nuisance. But it really just depends on your tastes for ads. Across the top portion of the screen, you get a permanent road-block style banner ad similar to what you see in most websites. While in between turns, a full page ad pops up – but you can easily close that one out. I don’t find the ads too bad, but if you want a cleaner version, you can always pay the $2.99 (iTunes Link).

Words with Friends has always been one of my favorite games, and if you’re up for a challenge, find me under the user name: WWWONG26

A note to the cheaters in the house. WinEveryGame.com is a words with friends/scrabble word generator tool…not that I ever use that of course.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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