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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

WondLa iPad App

Usually spot-the-difference games are found loaded with photos of scenery or stationary objects, most of which are uninspiring and a bore to stare at for more than five minutes. WondLa, based on the children’s graphic novel The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTrlizzi, changes the typical experience by using the artwork as the backdrop for the game.

Game play is very straightforward. Players are shown two images, one having six slightly different features. Since this game is targeted towards younger children, there is no timer that ends the current level if you are taking too long to find the differences, though fewer points are given to taking longer.  To help with difficulty, players can choose a slight hint or an obvious indication of a difference so children can progress to the next level.

There are 40 different levels all taken from illustrations of the story. New levels unlock as you progress and you are able to save your progress if you need to close the app. The position of differences varies every time a new level is loaded, which greatly adds to the replay factor. Playing through the story each time results in a whole new experience.

My only complaint to this app is the music choice. Though the images stir up mystery and wonder, the background music creates a sort of eerie ambiance. Children may find it to be too dark or ominous – luckily there’s a choice to toggle music to off.

The children’s book is available to purchase from www.wondla.com.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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