Wikipanion iPad App Review
Reviewed on 04/06/2010 by

Our Rating: 70 /100 (★★★½☆ )

Wikipanion iPad App Review

After paying over five bills to join the thousands of early iPad adopters, the last thing I want to do is fork over even more doe for paid-apps and books.

Being that our focus on this website is to provide reviews and info on FREE iPad apps, I personally think Wikipanion is an excellent app. Wikipanion is linked directly to the Wikipedia databases via API and allows you to search every article, post, and content from the Wikipedia site as you would from your desktop computer. For those of you that are like me and are looking to be frugal with your iTunes dollars – Wikipanion is an excellent alternative to buying iBooks.

The app includes an excellent user interface designed specifically for the iPad. Navigation is intuitive and you’re not flustered with the immense amount of links to detract you from reading whatever article you’re after.

In the free version, features include a handy sidebar that can either list recent articles you read, sub-sections within the article you’re reading, or related categories based on the article. I found the available settings (font size adjustment, on-page search, Wiktionary lookup, and email to friends) make the device easy and friendly to use.

The only reason I Wikipanion didn’t receive a 4+ star rating is that I found this early iPad version of the app very buggy. Common iPad actions such as rotating the screen or accessing your bookmarks seemed to frequently crash the app. However, this is only the very first version, and I’m sure Wikipanion’s developer Robert Chin will soon take notice and fix the app crashing issues.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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