Whole Foods Market Recipes
Whole Foods Market Recipes
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Whole Foods Market Recipes

A New Year means new resolutions to be financially responsible and also work on health. What better to conquer both by cooking at home with healthy recipes from the Whole Foods Market Recipes app for the iPad?

The Whole Foods Market Recipes app acts as a resource to prepare, shop and execute your next meal. There are over a hundred different recipes included for free with the app. Recipes are broken down by various categories to accommodate most reasons for cooking like quick and easy, budget items and dishes that require more preparation. All recipes are also flagged for various dietary needs for those who are on must follow things like low sodium or fat free diets.

Built in the app is the ability to create a shopping checklist. It’s a simple note overlay but is very effective. There are radio buttons for each item that the user can check off while they make shopping rounds in the super market. You can also e-mail the shopping list. I found it very handy to e-mail my shopping list to receive on my mobile phone and bring to the market.

One more unique feature for the Whole Foods Market Recipes app is the “On Hand” tab. Users can enter in up to three ingredients that are on hand or available. The app will match the three ingredients with its recipe database and provide any recipes that include these three requirements. Unfortunately you will not always have a perfect match when inputting all three ingredients (for the record avocado, beef and egg provide no matches). It’s a great way to get an inspirational on what dish to make if there is one main ingredient you are looking to use.

Overall, the app is a great resource for culinary minded iPad owners. Of course, with those who just refuse to prepare food and cook at home, there’s always the option to locate your nearest Whole Foods with the location finder and pick up food from their deli (I suggest the pizza joint).

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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