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WebMD iPad App

It’s not quite 8-years of med school and residency, but with the WebMD for iPad App, anyone can practically play doctor. WebMD’s recently released iPad App brings the immense wealth of online knowledge WebMD has accumulated over the years straight to the iPad. With WebMD, you can check symptoms, diagnose conditions, research treatments, study first aid information, and even find local practitioners in your neighborhood.

While we would never suggest using WebMD to play a real doctor, serious conditions and illnesses should always without a doubt be handled by a licensed physician no matter how cool the WebMD iPad App is.

But supposing that we lived in a world without regard for Western medical ethics, WebMD provides a vast majority of detailed medical information and resources right at your finger tips to diagnose common and rare conditions.

The coolest feature – similar to what you find at the WebMD website – has to be the Symptom Checker. Through a virtual avatar, you can tap various body parts and select the conditions that afflict such areas to find a list of possible conditions. In other words, just tell Dr. WebMD where it hurts, and the app figures out the rest for you.

Apart from the symptom checker, WebMD for iPad also includes a wealth of information and resources relating to conditions, drugs, first aid, and treatments. Condition information each contain at least a basic description, common symptoms, possible treatments, and related articles that open within an in-app browser version of the WebMD website. As for the drug list, standard use, side effects, precautions, and overdose information are all available for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

On top of a content-rich app, WebMD for iPad is beautifully designed, easy to use, and intuitive for users of any age. Even if you never get sick, WebMD for iPad is an excellent app to download.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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