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Our Rating: 95 /100 (★★★★★ )


Keep up to date with all news and events with the USA TODAY iPad App. The team at USA TODAY has done an amazing job in organizing an app containing almost everything found in the online and print editions of USA TODAY.

There is an impressive amount of content stuffed into this app. All of the main sections of USA TODAY (including sports, tech, travel, money) can be found in the app. The app itself is refreshed on each launch, and can be manually updated in the upper right corner with a refresh button as well meaning news and articles are always fresh.  The main TODAY page can be customized for each user by location for weather updates.

There are plenty of galleries available with HD images. The experience will be very seamless for iPad users as they scroll through the image gallery for daily recaps. Each image contains a caption telling the context. Image galleries are organized through sports, celebrities, travel and daily news topics. Starting a slideshow while preparing breakfast is just a really great way to recap the news.

Not only are there plenty of articles, there are also videos for certain categories making the app more interactive for users. Many of these videos are found in the USA TODAY Tech section. The player works very smoothly and can be viewed as either in the app or maximized to use the entire screen of the iPad.

Also, what’s USA TODAY without its crossword? There are daily crosswords built into the app. Crosswords are added daily. Users can time themselves with the app and also receive hints for each clue.

The overall layout of the app is very well thought out. With the left navigation containing daily highlights and featured articles scrolling at the top, users would not feel overwhelmed with the layout. Even though it is optimized for the iPad, there’s still the feel that you are reading a newspaper, which is usually difficult to translate into digital form.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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