Trundle HD iPad App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

Trundle HD iPad App

Thus far, action, shooter, and sports games within the free iPad app realm have been full of short and buggy apps. Fortunately, in the world of free puzzle apps, we’ve been graced with a quality section of apps ranging from Bumper Boats, Isaac Newton, and now a new kind of puzzler in Trundle HD for iPad.

Trundle HD is a unique puzzle app separate from the standard run-of-the-mill colorfully animated physics based iPad apps. In the game, you control a rolling cog via accelerometer as you tilt the iPad left and right to move the cog in any which direction. Throughout three decorated worlds based around Chinese shadow art, the goal is to continue moving through the worlds solving each puzzle until you reach the end. The entire Trundle world is in one continuous stream so you may go as far back and forward as you can as some puzzles take multiple screens to actually solve.

In terms of controls and physics, the Trundle cog moves as fast as you tilt your iPad and reacts very well based on the angle you tilt the iPad. Within each world, find sea-saws, geysers, boxes and a number of other contraptions that you can choose or not choose to use in order to solve the puzzle.

While additional worlds require an in-app purchase – Trundle HD comes with three free worlds: Sunset Mountain, Stellar Orchard, and Desert Sands that will take up plenty of time to solve. No need to worry about any up-sells in Trundle HD. Instead, the additional worlds are how every app should use them, as additional bonus features users can buy if they want more from an already complete game.

In all, a simple, challenging, and well put together free iPad app to tease your mind and entertain you for days. Trundle HD is one of the best full and free iPad puzzle apps in the iTunes App Store today.

Trundle on the iPhone Video

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