The Weather Channel iPad App
The Weather Channel Max For iPad
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Our Rating: 60 /100 (★★★☆☆ )

The Weather Channel Max For iPad

Prior to the August 25 update to the Weather Channel Max for iPad App, TWC’s app was buggy, crashed often and full of nasty intruding ads. It was such a poor app that no one on our review staff bothered to take the time to spend any time on TWC. Thankfully, all the gripes have changed and the latest update has turned TWC Max into stable and serviceable weather app for iPad users.

TWC Max is custom designed for the iPad apart from the more popular Weather Channel App for iPhone. In TWC Max, find the standard 10-day forecast, hourly weather updates, radar maps, video snippets from TV broadcasts, Weather Channel tweets, and national weather alerts in case a hurricane is heading your way.

For anyone looking for a weather app since Apple doesn’t include a default application like the iPhone, the extra media and features in TWC are nice to have but really have little use day-to-day. The local weather forecast allows you to choose between hourly and daily weather updates. For the immediate user who needs to know whether to carry an umbrella for the day, TWC is at most a serviceable app for doing so. But if you’re planning to use the TWC app to plan your Hawaii trip months in advance, TWC app isn’t set up for you to expand your forecast to do so. With video forecasts and optional radar maps, these features are flashy, but of very little function.

While TWC app offers a wider breadth of content than most weather apps, when judging the core of presenting weather forecasts, The Weather Bug app by Bigsool offers a better option and TWC still has some work for the core of the app.

If you enjoy the additional clips and content from the Weather Channel TV broadcasts, then TWC Max is for you. Otherwise, if you just want a functional weather app to know what noon is going to feel like, try Weather Bug instead.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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