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The Betty Crocker Cookbook For iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

The Betty Crocker Cookbook For iPad App

As one of the most well-known household names, it was only a matter of time before Betty Crocker entered into the iPad app market. The Betty Crocker Cookbook for iPad is a virtual recipe book filled with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of recipes, and growing.  Each time I use this app I find something new I hadn’t seen before. I’d thought this was going to be a nice free app with some great basic recipes to start, with the option to purchase additional recipes as in-app purchases, but it seems that General Mills has added more than enough recipes over the past few weeks to make this a full-featured app at a great price—still free.

Navigation through the app is easy and intuitive. You can search by category (there’s even one for Arts and Crafts!), keyword, or ingredient. If you have no particular preference, there’s even a “surprise me” feature that randomly selects recipes and displays the color photographs of them for you to flip through.

Within each recipe, there is a color image of the finished dish, an overview of the ingredients and directions, a pop up with the approximate prep and total cook times, the number of servings, and a “spoon rating.” For our evermore nutrition-conscious society, most of the recipes come with nutrition facts that are accessible with a single tap. There is an easy way to add a recipe to your favorites to view later, or to share via email to your friends and loved ones.

My favorite feature, and what makes this more than just your average cookbook, is the “cook mode” feature, also accessible through every recipe. In cook mode, cooking directions are displayed one step at a time in very large font so it’s easy to read as you’re cooking. When an instruction requires a specific cooking time, tapping the time opens up a built in timer that runs and sounds from within the page. On the right margin, you can even preview the next step and select a pull down menu to review the ingredients.

This is a must have app for all cooks and non-cooks alike. The beautiful color photographs of the mouth-watering dishes are hard to resist and this easy-to-use app makes cooking seem simple, fun and engaging.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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