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Terra Web Browser iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

Terra Web Browser iPad App

Take everything you can already do on the default Safari web browser, but add tabbed browsing, full screen mode, on-page text search, incognito browsing and offline page viewing and you have the Terra Web Browser for iPad.

Unlike Atomic Lite – another free browser alternative – Terra keeps your browser simple and clean without any extra clutter. Terra’s interface takes up very little of your screen real estate and Terra is absent of any annoying banner ads. The app tool bar remains simple and similar to the Safari browser only featuring a back/forward button, bookmarks bar, address bar, search (which you can change the default engine), settings and full screen button (not available in Safari).

While the lack of browser tabs doesn’t bother me as much, I know many iPad users who just can’t adjust to a world without tabbed browsing. Well, anti-Safarians, Terra is here to save you. Terra integrates tabbed browsing into the browser and doesn’t limit you to a maximum while Atomic Lite Browser is capped at six tabs.

For the advanced surfer, Terra also won’t disappoint. Terra allows you to adjust your browser identifcation as either an iPad, Mac OS Safari, IE 6 or Firefox. This works out especially well if you dislike mobile optimized sites that automatically redirect you to the stripped down mobile version of the website. In addition, if you want to make sure your browser stays cookie free and your browsing history clean, incognito browsing mode is at your disposal.

A simple, stable and clean alternative to Safari, the Terra Web Browser iPad app is the best free browser available if you’re unsatisfied with Safari.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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