TED Talks iPad App
TED iPad App
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TED iPad App

Technology, Education, Design – or simply TED – started in the 1980s to bring together thought leaders and speakers from various professions to discuss social issues, emerging technologies and today has spanned to virtually every topic. TED has always provided these talks and presentations for free. With the latest free TED native iPad app, you can now access TED talks ranging from Al Gore, Evan Williams and Seth Godin all for free on the iPad.

In Ted version 1, the app gives you access to the 700 presentations that are also available on Ted.com. Trending and popular presentations are featured on the first page. While apps are broken down by category or “tags” where you can drill down further between talks on education, business, world cultures, or whatever you fancy.

When you find a talk you like, you can either watch the video via web-stream or download and save the video to your iPad for offline viewing. The TED app limits you to 14 saved videos, but you can always delete ones you’ve watched and download new ones.

TED is known for bringing in thought leaders and great speakers from around the world to show up in large conference halls and give inspirational and thought provoking talks. The latest free iPad app gives you all these talks for free and at no charge provides you a repository of motivational speeches and resources.

TED is a stable app and runs into few crashes. The app’s opening splash takes about 10 seconds to load (an unnecessarily long load time) and in the latest version, there’s no Facebook, Twitter, or sharing integration with the videos. But the talks are free, the app is free and the great resources from TED are free.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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