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ScoreCenter XL iPad App
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ScoreCenter XL iPad App

With the NFL season well underway, Baseball heading into a heated October battle, and NBA starting just around the corner, ESPN has just made it’s once $4.99 paid ScoreCenter XL App FREE. In all likelihood, this price-drop is here to say considering the recent releases of free sports apps like Yahoo’s Sportacular to CBS’ Pro Football, all great apps. Despite the great features in these other sports apps, ESPN made the right move by turning it’s ScoreCenter XL into a free app and offering the sports world free iPad access to the vast content from ESPN writers.

With ScoreCenter XL, users get the full access to the world of sports with little restriction. Follow scores and read news in practically every sport from the NFL, MLB, NBA, College, Racing, Rugby, and international Soccer leagues. Almost any sport that’s covered on is covered in the app.

In the iPad’s landscape mode, the app splits the day’s top news and scores in the left sidebar while a stream of top videos and links to news is listed on the main pane. The sidebar, which isn’t available in portrait mode, is customizable to display either the day’s top events, scores from your favorite teams that you select in myTeams, or filter down specifically by league under mySports. In general, this design gives you a holistic view of the day in sports and allows you to easily navigate between finding out who pitched the Yankees last game to who’s starting next week for the Green Bay Packers.

Sure, you can get scores in almost any other sports app, so what’s the big deal with ScoreCenter XL? ScoreCenter’s true value is in the access to ESPN’s network of writers and analysts. Read previews, recaps, and news for virtually any sport. While the NBA, MLB, and NHL each have their own apps and coverage, the diversity in opinions and articles you get from ESPN is unmatched when compared to the other sports apps. New articles are posted daily and you often find up over 5 articles listed each hour. If you have a favorite analyst to follow, filter your news by author and find out what J.A. Adande or Terry Blount has been writing. Or if you prefer to watch videos, snippets from ESPN broadcasts are all available right in the app.

In comparison to CBS Pro Football and Sportacular, the articles again is what makes ScoreCenter XL a superior app. While CBS Pro Football offers better in-game updates, ScoreCenter gives you access to sports beyond the NFL. What ScoreCenter lacks in design compared to Sportacular, ScoreCenter makes up in offering full game recaps, video highlights, and breadth of coverage that Sportacular doesn’t.

In all, ScoreCenter XL is a complete sports app that gives you all the scores, news, videos, highlights and coverage that you would want from any sports app. In addition to the fact that it’s ESPN’s official sports app also adds the additional bonus of getting news coverage from ESPN writers and sports analysts. While the app does experience the occasional crashes like many of the other sports apps, ESPN ScoreCenter XL for iPad is a must own app for all sports fans.

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