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Remote iPad App

So you’re hosting a shindig at your new bachelor pad and you realized the only playlist you have currently in your iTunes library is titled “breakup songs.” Luckily, with the Remote for iPad app created by Apple, you can socialize with your friends while editing your playlist on the fly. No need to hover around your computer to make sure that an unexpected ballad comes on – just make use of Remote.

Remote for iPad lets you control your iTunes library from a laptop or desktop with the iPad anywhere as long as the two share the same WiFi connection. It’s a quick and simple setup process to sync the app and iTunes. Users can choose to sync them all with their iTunes login or with a passcode generated by the app.  After the sync, the entire iTunes music library of the desktop is available for browsing. Playlists, tv shows and movies are also available to select from the user’s library.

The app functions very similarly to the iPod player preinstalled on the iPad as well as any desktop variety of iTunes. Users who are used to the interface will feel right at home with browsing and selecting songs from the library. The entire iPad landscape is optimized for browsing experiences.  Through the WiFi connection, users can select songs for play, enable the genius mix or even seek within the current playing song.

There’s so much functionality in Remote – making it really less a traditional remote, but more a robust extension of the iTunes application on your desktop. Any action that you perform on the app will be reflected in iTunes. All playlists from the desktop can be modified, removed and created from the App. Users can browse by songs, artists and genres for songs and update playlists.

If the iTunes desktop is also connected with Apple Airplay, the app can control volume of each speaker or output source. If you are an Apple TV user, the app also supports Apple TV. Gestures in the app help in choosing tv shows and controlling the viewing content.

For anyone who listens to music through iTunes this is a must download app. Apple has made this free for anyone with iOS and it really enhances the iTunes experience leaps and bounds.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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