Real Solitaire Free iPad App
Real Solitaire Free iPad App
Reviewed on 08/03/2010 by

Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

Real Solitaire Free iPad App

After reviewing Hangman Classic yesterday, why not continue the trend and jump into another classic desktop game in Real Solitaire Free for the iPad. With over 100 free and paid solitaire iPad apps in the App Store, Real Solitaire Free stands out by featuring crisp and vibrant cards, high resolution desktop backgrounds, the option to use your own pictures for the wallpaper, and a bevy of scoring and play settings.

Real Solitaire HD features include everything you need to play solitaire in any format. You can play solitaire in draw one or draw three mode. Choose between standard and Vegas style scoring. You may also keep track of your cumulative score across games.

As for the background wallpaper, Real Solitaire comes pre-loaded with the standard casino table mat colors in addition to a number of high resolution photos. With the rain forest being our favorite, you can either choose from the available list or use a custom background pulled directly from your photo album.

For a classic game like solitaire, Real Solitaire Free is stable and we didn’t experience any crashes or unexpected closures throughout the 20 games we played on Real Solitaire HD Free. Although leaving the app live idle for roughly 3-minutes does prompt the app to automatically close, this isn’t much of a problem as the app reloads where you left off.

On the lower portion of the app, Real Solitaire HD features a prominent banner advertisement. If you’re not connected to WiFi, the ad is replaced by a default promotion for you to upgrade to a paid ad-free version.The ads aren’t as intrusive in portrait mode but gets a bit annoying in landscape as taller stacks of cards frequently overlap the ad. The ads are definitely oversized, but we werent as distracted as they may seem in the screenshots.

Overall a solid and top choice in terms of Solitaire options for your iPad. All computers these days come pre-loaded with Solitaire anyhow, go ahead and download Real Solitaire HD Free for yours.

✓ Klondike (choose from Draw 1 and Draw 3)
✓ Uses same card shuffling algorithm as Windows Solitaire to offer a truly authentic experience
✓ Supports all device orientations (portrait, portrait upside down, landscape left, and landscape right)
✓ Drag and drop cards
✓ Auto move cards by double tapping them
✓ Shake to start a new game
✓ Game auto save
✓ 3 Scoring Modes: None, Standard, and Vegas
✓ Timed mode
✓ Unlimited undo
✓ Choose from many beautiful wallpapers
✓ Rewarding win animation
✓ No interference with iPod audio
Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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