Pocket Pond HD
Pocket Pond HD iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

Pocket Pond HD iPad App

Sure, the Pocket Pond HD iPad app doesn’t actually do anything to enhance your life, per se, but what’s more serene than having a your very own Koi pond?

If you like to dock your iPad on a stand, Pocket Pond HD can act like a screensaver, digital fish tank, or just used to brighten up your room. The Koi fish, a symbol of love and friendship in some east-Asian cultures, swim across the iPad’s screen in no particular order and even react to splashes you make in the water when you tap parts of the pond.

Customize your pond by adding any of three types of lilly pads, dragon flies, or change the weather to have a thunderstorm hover over the pond. To prevent you on abusing your Koi fish, you’re limited to just five lilly pads and four dragon flies, but c’mon, do you really need more? To rid your pond of dragonflies, just double tap them (Mr. Miyagi style) and swat them into the water.

The HD graphics, beautiful water texture, and vibrant Koi fish all make Pocket Pond HD a beautiful app to leave on when you dock your iPad to a stand (find iPad Stands at our Amazon powered store).

Sound is equally serene as you experience the sound of nature full of birds chirping in the background, dragonflies fluttering, and water splashing as you play with the Koi.

The app itself really does nothing, but is free and an excellent and essential app to download if you ever want to space out and gaze into something beautiful.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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