OpenTable For iPad App
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OpenTable For iPad App

Popular restaurant reservation website OpenTable has created an iPad version of their iPhone app. OpenTable is a convenient service for diners to make free restaurant reservations online at participating restaurants across the nation. The site also provides the ability for members to review and rate restaurants.

All of the functionality of the site can be found as a part of the app. Users can look up restaurants by featured metropolitan areas, check available times for certain party sizes, and confirm reservations. What is most useful for this being on the iPad is the ability to use location-based search for nearby restaurants. Users can search the surrounding location for immediate timeslots of restaurants. Each restaurant page also has user reviews to help with the decision. For some businesses, full menus have been uploaded so a user can also browse for food choices before deciding to make a reservation.

If you already have an OpenTable account then you can log in and have your profile sync to the app. You can view past reservations as well as favorite restaurants, which is definitely very handy and convenient if you frequently use OpenTable for dining reservations. Unfortunately you aren’t able to add any new reviews to restaurants through the App.

While using the app I encountered quite a few bugs and overall bad user experiences.  Many times I noticed that landscape mode would have a glitch where it would think it was in portrait mode. It was easily fixed by a quick flick of the iPad but it definitely distracts the user. Even when going from the login window to the main window, this glitch seemed to happen for me.

Overall this is a great app for anyone who eats out very often. OpenTable itself is a wonderful way to skip waiting for a seat. The only downside to the app is the frequent bugs that you will run into. Also, since the iPad has a full browser capable of utilizing the full OpenTable site, it doesn’t bring anything new or unique to the platform to warrant use of the app over the website.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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