NPR iPad App
NPR iPad App
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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

NPR iPad App

The old dogs of traditional print media better start joining the wave of new media adopters such as NPR. Whether they like it or not, mediums such as the iPad or iPhone will sooner than later become the way the world consumes news and media. Alongside the iPad launch, NPR created an excellent early news app featuring National Public Radios wide network of audio news and content. The NPR for iPad app offers an easy  dashboard navigation for news, in-app audio player, and also allows access to NPR’s nationwide network of public radio stations.

The app is clean, organized, and with each update less and less glitchier. After the latest 1.2.1 update on June 5, 2010 – I’ve experienced fewer crashes and smoother transitions between articles. NPR for iPad loads fast whether it’s loading text articles or audio.

The app is laid out in such an easy layout, that Pulse News Reader almost directly ripped off the NPR news dashboard for it’s own RSS aggregating functions. Upon loading the app, the NPR dashboard displays the most recent radio broadcasts from general news, arts & life, and music.

From the dashboard, users may directly load and play NPR audio casts in the background while browsing the app for other articles. If you find another broadcast you want to listen to, you can add them to your personal playlist and the next broadcast will play immediately following your current program.

In addition, NPR lets you browse and bookmark nationwide AM/FM radio stations directly from the app. The option to listen to live radio or podcast like broadcasts make NPR a terrific app that utilizes and displays the iPad’s news reader capabilities.

Overall, NPR for iPad is simple, fully functional, and an excellent app for following NPR that’s better than the actual website. Unless you’re on a political extreme and absolutely despise NPR, NPR for iPad is an excellent and essential app for all NPR-loving iPad users.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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