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Nightstand Central Free iPad App
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Nightstand Central Free iPad App

Nightstand Central Free iPad App Review

Nightstand Central for the iPad is a quick way to make use of your iPad when you’re not using it. Although some would prefer to make it a digital picture frame, I don’t have very many pictures nor do I want to look at my friends while I’m doing other things. Nightstand turns your iPad into a beautiful clock display with custom backgrounds and other widgets.

Granted this review is of the free version only. The full paid app has extra options I’ll discuss a little later. That isn’t to say the free version doesn’t suffice because it does.

Setting your defaults to automatic, lets the iPad calculate your location and display the relevant information. You’ll see a large digital clock right in the middle, and right below is the current weather. The date is also on display as well, so you might as well clear out that desk space and replace it with this.

The free version also lets you change the background from its library of images. If you must stare at your friends and family behind the clock display, you’d have to upgrade to use your custom images. The New York skyline works perfect for me, thank you. Full version also gets ride of a tiny add up top that you would have to manually click away in this version. It’s not too distracting and understandable for a free app.

Added features for the free version includes alarm settings as well. You can keep the app running in the background and the alarm will still be active. It’s a neat little function that could prove useful, nothing groundbreaking mind you, but useful.

It’s just a simple app for simple use, nothing fancy, but it does add a nice flair to your office/cube/desk or as the app implies, a nightstand. Having the weather, time and date in one app display is really convenient, plus having it displayed on my desk makes me look tech savvy.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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