Newsy iPad App
Newsy iPad App
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Newsy iPad App

Delivering multi-perspective streaming video news sets Newsy apart from popular iPad news apps like Bloomberg or  New York Times. Newsy delivers the news by pulling diverse sources together with dedicated Newsy anchors broadcasting over their website and iPad app. Through short 2-3 minute video clips, Newsy pulls clips and article excerpts from the major news outlets like the Wall Street Journal, niche sites like Boing Boing, and blogs from around the web to create a holistic view of popular news stories.

Officially launched on April 21st, Newsy already features over 20 video clips and continues to add new videos every day.

For the most part, the feel, features, and functionality has been transplanted onto the iPad. From the iPad, you may browse high level news columns ranging from Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sports, and other very general categories. Individual news stories come with interactive comments for you to share your opinion with web and iPad users. Full transcripts and links to original sources are provided for each news story. And email, Facebook, and Twitter sharing options are all available within the Newsy app.

A new feature the iPad has over website browsers, is Newsy’s custom video playlist maker. To create a playlist, you simply hold and drag individuals onto your playlist start the videos as soon as you’re finished. While the feature is very helpful, the playlist bar requires additional development to be truly useful. For instance once you create a playlist, you may select an option to play all videos in the order you set, but the Newsy player doesn’t offer an option to rearrange the list, skip between videos, or fast forward.

Nevertheless, Newsy shows potential and in it’s current form still provides a serviceable and easy platform to catch up on news.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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