Netflix iPad App
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Netflix iPad App

While ABC Player brings popular TV series’s like Lost and Desperate Housewives to the iPad, Netflix fills the media void by delivering movies, documentaries, and other network shows via live Internet stream. The Netflix app itself is free to download, but you will need a subscription to access and stream movies online. Subscription packages start at $8.99/month, but if you just want to try the app, Netflix does offer a 14-day free trial. For existing subscribers, there’s no need to pay additional costs as your existing log-in will work for the Netflix  app.

Within the app, you can browse movies by genres, recently watched, new arrivals, and even local favorites related to your geographic location. Although it takes a decent broadband connection to watch videos without lag, videos are easy to watch over the app as you simply scroll and click-to-play.

As far as selection goes, television series, indies, documentaries, and features from the Starz network provide a wide list of videos to watch. Amongst TV series’s, the Netflix app offers full seasons of popular shows like Desperate Housewives, My Name Is Earl, Heroes, Myth Busters, Arrested Development, and others. For movies, the actual Netflix endorsed movies are limited to classics and older blockbusters such as Forrest Gump, Rocky IV, and The Matrix.

Fortunately for more recent movies, Netflix has partnered with Starz to allow you to watch up to 1,000 movies and tv series via Starz Play. From here, you get much more recent and more mainstream movies and television shows such as Spartacus, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Step Brothers.

When you leave the app or return to the Netflix home screen, you can easily resume watching from your previous spot. A good feature to note, resuming is still available even if you’re the type to juggle multiple shows or movies. We’re unsure how many movies you can save your place at a time, but it’s likely for as many movies as your “recently watched” queue can hold.

Loading can take longer at public WiFi hot-spots and skipping ahead or back takes a little bit of a wait (5-7 seconds when we tested the app), but all-in-all, the Netflix app is an excellent media player that saves you from taking up the precious hard drive space on your iPad. The Netflix app is definitely a winner for video loving iPad owners. Even if you’re unsure of paying the subscription fee, Netflix’s free trial will still grant you access and for at least 14-days, have access to all the movies and shows Netflix has to offer.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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