NASA iPad App
NASA iPad App
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NASA iPad App

From what I remember from elementary school, we spent tons of class time learning about space, the planets, and all the cool things NASA was doing. In fact, there was a time where working at NASA would have been one of the coolest dream jobs ever (not to say it still isn’t). When asked what they wanted to be when they grow up, kids would would say astronaut.In today’s day and age, the space program isn’t as glamorous as it used to be. But with the official NASA App that just released into the iTunes App Store, space exploration and looking at the stars can be cool again.

The official NASA iPad App is an educational app filled with articles, photos, and videos from The app is meant to be entirely educational and would be great to let your kids play with. The app is filled with Wikipedia-styled articles about the planets and moons in our solar systems. Browse through photos, location, trajectories and information about the 67+ NASA satellites we have orbiting our planet. As for video, you can watch NASA’s collection of YouTube videos straight from the app or watch live streaming NASA TV. NASA TV tends to be a bit unstable at the moment as it crashed a few times while I was watching. But for the most part, everything else is stable in the app.

Like NASA, the app is loaded with tons of fun and educational information but the app’s design is more functional than pretty. Half the content is optimized for the iPad and loads natively while the other half of information loads within an in-app browser. Articles themselves are reminiscent of websites that were around in 1998, with large blocky font on top of a black background.

While I may be harsh on the design, the design is still very functional and useful. It’s just not very clean :-)

But if you’re not a total app slob like me, the massive amount of information on the NASA iPad App will be great for you to browse through and to have your kids learn a thing or two from. While I’m not totally impressed with the design, the NASA App adds to the educational appeal of the iPad for users.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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