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Movies By Flixster iPad App
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Movies By Flixster iPad App

Find showtimes, Rotten Tomatoes reviews, trailers, actor information, photos, and the occasional pop up advertisement in the Movies iPad App by Flixster. Offering a similar caliber of content to Amazon’s IMDB App, comparatively, Movies manages to excels in both graphical display and integration with other web services.

Like the Movies App for iPhone, Flixster created a vibrant and navigable interface that’s offers expandable descriptions, a variety of content, and is well spaced to prevent any on-screen clutter. While the Movies App only displays in landscape mode, the app features a bottom navigation for users to browse the main functions of finding box office showtimes, finding nearby theaters, browsing upcoming premieres, DVD releases, and finding actor information. The App’s navigation is thereby broken out with the major app features on the bottom menu while each section displays a specialized sub-menu along the left rail depending on which feature you’re using.

For each movie or actor, you may browse even deeper with photos, trailers, and the filmography of any actor or actress (very similar to what you expect with IMDB). Flixster’s database of actors and movies are all interlinked and you could spend hours going through who’s been in what movie and new movies coming out by the same directors.

Above all things, what we liked the most about the Movies App is the strong integration with online web services and content.

For reviews, Movies pulls in both professional critic and user reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. By going through each critic review, tapping on the snippet opens up an in-app browser that displays the original review on the author’s publication. Publications range from the New Yorker, Washington Post, and a variety of other movie review sites.

As for finding nearby theaters, Movies offers an option to load Yelp to also find a nearby restaurant to grab a bite before or after the show. However, the Yelp sync is in need of further development as the current setting will trigger the Yelp App (iPhone App, the iPad App isn’t available yet) to load while closing the Movies App.

To buy tickets, Movies syncs with for participating theaters in your region and allows for users to purchase directly through the App. Nothing too fancy, a simple name, email, phone and credit card does the trick. However, do note that Flixster charges an additional $1 convenience fee for every ticket purchased. For now, the app only allows for full priced purchases and the use of coupons, vouchers, or passes may not be used in conjunction with any purchases.

In all, the Movies App is an absolute delight. There’s occasional popup ads as well as reserved locations within the app for graphical advertisements, but other than that the user interface is gorgeous, usability easy enough for a child to use, and fully integrated with a number of online content hubs. Movies by Flixster is an essential app and amongst the best of all free apps available for the iPad.

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