Modern Conflict HD Lite
Modern Conflict HD Lite iPad App
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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

Modern Conflict HD Lite iPad App

July 11, 2010 Update: Modern Conflict HD full and paid version is now available in the iTunes App Store for a special $1.99 launch price.

App developer’s Clickgamer Technologies who have brought the mobile gaming community hit games like Angry Birds has recently released a trial-to-full-version Modern Conflict HD, a tactical military strategy game for the iPad. The lite version contains a full 8-level tutorial and 2-levels from campaign mode. To unlock the additional 33 levels, you must purchase the full version. Except there’s one issue, the full version isn’t available in the app store. Leaving many of us early fans hanging, it’s rather disappointing that the lite version was released with limited features and for those that want the full version, it’s unavailable.

Neverminding the absent full-version from the app store, Modern Conflict HD Lite is a well designed tactical game for all strategy minded gamers. In Modern Conflict, you start on a Risk/Stratego designed game board with starting bases of tanks or helicopters that replenish over time. Strategically decide how to take over neutral and enemy controlled bases by until you have taken over all bases on the map as your computer does the same.

Different fortifications such as anti-aircraft guns and tank turrets, tanks vs helicopters encounters, and the strategy you choose to attack strongly affect the outcome of the game and how well you do. As a lover of all strategy, Modern Conflict is a great game that forces you to think strategically and challenges you against a proactive and strong AI backed computer.

Do you stack your forces on one side? Do you build a strong line to wall off the opponent but spread your numbers out? Do you take the helicopter base down first or the tank depot? All these questions must be addressed real time as the pace of Modern Conflict will push you to think on your feet.

A political matter to note, the story places the US against the nation of Gayran, an obvious play on current world affairs that the developers could have chose a better way of trying to be clever. A bit immature, but if you take offense to the developer’s naming, please do keep this in mind before you download the game.

While the early version doesn’t actually have a full version for you to upgrade to, Modern Conflict Lite is highly addictive, well designed, and when the full version comes out, definitely worth a try for strategy game lovers.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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