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Merriam-Webster Dictionary App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

Merriam-Webster Dictionary App

Having a lightweight dictionary readily available is essential when using an iPad as an e-reader. Luckily, with the ability to multitask found in recent Merriam-Webster has made a lightweight and simple dictionary for the iPad.

The portable iPad dictionary is great because of its simplicity. Looking up any words is easy – there is a convenient search bar prominently on the screen at all time. There is also a scrolling search catalog for those who are looking up a word, and do not know the proper spelling. The catalog is alphabetical, much like the traditional print version of dictionaries. Also, in utilizing the ability to have voice capture, users are also able to speak the word that they are attempting to look up. Speech recognition is pretty on point most of the time unless pronunciation is drastically far off.

Merriam-Webster has done a great job transcribing the experience of print onto the iPad. The results page is simple and clean. Pronunciation as well as variances on the word is readily available. One thing I like the most about the app is that clicking on any word within the definition will then look up that word, which is very helpful when trying to fully comprehend one particular definition.

All words also include an audio clip helping users learn how to pronounce a word properly. Because of the way the dictionary does more than its print editions, utilizing the functions of the iPad, it’s a great resource for anyone to have and store in case of literary emergency.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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