Medieval HD Lite
Medieval HD Lite iPad App
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Our Rating: 70 /100 (★★★½☆ )

Medieval HD Lite iPad App

Medieval HD Lite iPad App Review

Head to the Dark Ages and find yourself entranced for hours fighting off waves of soldiers, catapults, and Davinci-inspired flying machines in Brisk Mobile’s latest castle defense game, Medieval HD. While the full version is a $2.99 app, Brisk Mobile also offers Medieval HD in a free Lite version. So before you decide to fork over the doe for the real game, fight off oncoming medieval hordes and defend your castle in Medieval HD Lite.

In Medieval Lite, you and the computer opponent each start out with a castle at limited health. As a player, win under either three scenarios: Destroy the opposing castle, survive the waves of oncoming soldiers, or capture your enemies flag with your own troops. Each winning scenario offers a varying gold bonus that you can then use to upgrade your ballista (primary weapon), the types of arrows in your arsenal, and the amount of troops you are able to raise.

For the most part, your gold and energy will be spent upgrading your castle’s ballista. You can fire the ballista in three ways from the settings screen. Drag and fire the ballista manually. Tap the area where you want to fire. Or set the ballista to auto-fire. No matter which option you prefer, the main goal is to direct your tower to take out the enemies castle and to keep their invading troops at bay. The ballista starts out with the standard single-shot arrows, but as you accumulate gold, you can upgrade to piercing arrows, flame arrows, multi-shot arrows, and even exploding cannon balls.

While Medieval HD Lite is a limited version of the full $2.99 paid app, users gain full access to everything available in for the first four levels. Nothing is restricted in the first four levels and feel free to upgrade and raise troops as you will in the first levels (gold permitting).

Medieval HD’s concept and controls are simple enough while the game is immensely addicting up to a certain point. While you can easily get addicted from just the first four levels of the Lite version, we paid the $2.99 to try to full version to test the replayability of Medieval HD. Despite heavy repetition of the same game, the game remained additively fun for the first 30 levels.

For the most part, the game stays the same and gets very repetitive once you completed your upgrades. As addicting as this game is, you can get your fair share of fun from just the trial version and can save the $2.99 for a different purchase. But overall, the trial is an immensely addictive game until you get completely sick of it.


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