Kindle iPad App
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Kindle iPad App

It’s on! As Amazon rushed to finish the Kindle for iPad app in time for the iPad launch – the Kindle App is here to challenge Apple’s own iBooks app (review).

At it’s heart, the Kindle App is very much like iBooks. The Kindle home screen offer the same optional gridded or list view as iBooks. The Kindle App has similar iBooks features to adjust brightness, font size, and page color. As for the only small differences from the iBooks App, iBooks allows for viewing two side-by-side pages while  in landscape display mode.

To provide the same usability as iBooks integration with the iBook store, the Kindle app uses Whispersync technology that links the Kindle App to the Kindle Store and any existing Kindle books you already have. Using the Kindle app to download books through Amazon is fluid and similar to the iBook store experience. If you’re in the Kindle app, clicking the Shop in Kindle Store link loads the store in Safari from where you can browse free or paid books like you would on your computer. Once, you’ve found the Kindle book you want to download, Amazon has set up an easy Buy now with 1-click button that will trigger Whispersync to download your latest purchases straight to the Kindle App next time you load it. If you want to load the Kindle App right after you made your purchase, the Kindle Book store is setup to link and trigger the app to reload once you’ve finished your purchase on the website.

Overall, while iBooks presents a stronger user interface and friendlier display, the Kindle App’s strength is primarily with Amazon’s industry experience in the book market. The Kindle Store is easy to browse and navigate despite running off-app in Safari. The Kindle Store offers the same list of free books as the iBooks store. As for pricing, while Apple is still building relationships with publishers, the Kindle Store is offers matching prices for new and popular books, but also offers cheaper prices for older titles.

Best yet about the Kindle App, if you already own Kindle Books, you can easily import all of your books via Whispersync into the Kindle iPad App. So if you made the transition from Kindle to iPad, this app will definitely maintain the same look, feel, and carry over your digital library.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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