Isaac Newton's Gravity HD
Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD iPad App

Two words: ultra tease. Isaac Newton is a beautifully designed puzzle/contraption-building game that instantly got me hooked from the very beginning. The graphics, audio, friendly tutorial system, and controls won me over after the very first two stages of the game. However, unlike the iPhone version of Isaac Newton’s Gravity Lite that clearly labels the app as a Lite version – you don’t figure out where the cutoff for Isaac Newton is until the $9.99 up-sell pops up after level 5. While the app description clearly identifies that only 5 stages are available (my fault for not reading), Gravity HD is the ultimate trial-to-full purchase game in the app store. Nevertheless, Gravity HD is a well designed and well executed app by the developers over at Namco and certainly worth a try before you blow $9.99 purchasing the full app.

In Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD for iPad, you’re tasked to build a series of complicated and sophisticated contraptions while using only a limited amount of tools and widgets for each level. Widgets include pipes, ramps, blocks, balls, and just about anything that you can use to build a contraption to accomplish a very simple task. Depending on which level you start in, the goal is to do something very simple in the hardest most complicated way possible. Whether it’s rolling a ball over a push-button or directing a mini-dune buggy to the end of a track – Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD is a thinking man’s game that challenges users to apply their sense of logic, reason, and understanding of physics.

Graphics, audio and controls are excellent in Gravity HD. Each level has a beautifully animated HD wallpaper that range from deslolate deserts to mysterious rain forest. The music in the background is playful but doesn’t draw you away from the game. Controls are simple and intuitive in learning how and where to place the tools you start with. Simply click, drag, and rotate to place pieces on the board.

Unfortunately, with only 5 levels available for free – you’ll be easily done with the game in less than 30-minutes. To unlock the level editor, download custom levels other uses have built, and to play the 95 other levels, you have to make a hefty $9.99 in-app purchase to unlock these features. For some, $9.99 is certainly worth it running at about $0.10 per map. But either way, try out the lite trial version and decide for yourself.

As a free app on it’s own and disregarding the fact that 95% of the game is locked behind a purchase, for what’s available, Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD is definitely one of the best free game apps in the store right now.

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