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IMDb Movies & TV App

Easy navigation, user friendliness, and functional design is the name of Amazon’s game. As one of Amazon’s two launch day apps, IMDb along with Kindle for iPad expands upon the massive online movie database of over 3 million movies, tv shows, and actors to your iPad.

With the free IMDb app, you can search, find movie information, lookup actors, and much more. IMDb for iPad’s interface is designed to utilize the iPad’s 9.7 inch screen. Like all other informational ipad apps, the portrait displays the standalone details in portrait mode, while landscape mode provides an additional sidebar with related information and your search history. In addition, the sidebar offers easy access to features such as: top movies, best picture winners, TV recaps, product links to, and local theater showtimes.

Actor and actress information pages features red carpet and movie artwork from the actor(tress) latest projects. Content such as quotes and biographical information can be expanded to a pop under for you to read.

Movie detail pages contain much more information. Movies trailers are available for viewing within the IMDb app across standard, HD 480p, and HD 720p resolution. Local cast information and expandable boxes open plot summaries, synopses, critic reviews, user reviews, director information, and links to are all available.

All movie, actors, and title pages are linked directly to search results pages which all loads within the IMDb app. In case you like to read movie reviews and information before buying from Amazon, you can do all of this through the IMDb app which shows the Amazon store in an iframe (mini browser within the app) format.

Bottom Line

While there’s nothing “revolutionary” about the IMDb app, the app deserves a download and is a must have for movie and TV lovers. Like Wikipanion or iBooks, the app serves as an improved version of the online site in app form and will do well to provide¬†iPad users easy and quick access to one of the most popular sites on the internet.

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