iHeartRadio iPad App
iheartradio iPad App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

iheartradio iPad App

If you’re getting tired of hearing the same top 40 songs on the radio all day, then get the iheartradio app by Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc and diversify your music. Iheartradio provides access to digital versions of radio stations around the nation. The app has a catalog of over 750 stations, including many commercial free choices as well.

The app first became successful on the iPhone and other mobile devices. With the release of the iPad specific version, the extra landscape of the device has been fully utilized for searching and selecting your favorite radio stations. Navigation within the app is very intuitive and easy. When performing a search for music, users can choose to find local stations or expand the search. Genres are clearly categorized as are the names and details of all the stations. Browsing by location is my favorite feature since it really allows you to listen to what is popular on opposite sides of the country, diversifying music and also allowing you to listen to more region specific artists.

Videos and Photos of musicians are also provided by Clear Channel. There are exclusive videos from artists in which they are interviewed on their newest hits and singles. Artists from every genre get interviewed about their newest singles and other topics. One of my favorites: Trey Songs on 5 Tips on How to Treat a Lady. This definitely enhances the app as more than just radio, but a great source of artist info as well.

Sport stations from around the country are also included in the app. Although there are limited sports stations, it’s a great way to follow your favorite local team from afar if it is available.

If you’ve got a long commute and are getting sick of the same music over and over, be sure to download the iheartradio app.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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