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Huffington Post For iPad App
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Huffington Post For iPad App

The Huffington Post, one of the most popular blog aggregators on the web has released a native iPad app that will allow users to skip browser surfing and access Huffpo’s thousands of blog posts on tech, news, business, and entertainment directly with your iPad in arms.

The Huffington Post iPad app is nearly an identical copy of the website you would find on your browser. Upon launching the app, the ‘Home’ tab loads by default and aggregates top news from all categories. To browse the Huffpo network of bloggers, a top navigation similar to the website is available for you to browse the 20 blog categories available.

The design of the app is useful, organized, clean and simple to use to browse blog posts. The most popular stories are featured above the fold, while recent news is displayed in a two column listing by titles and excerpts.

Yet for the simple navigation and ease of the Huffington Post iPad App, the app ultimately lacks the key features that make Huffpo popular. As a blog, one would come to expect all the features and interaction available within the site and the app.

However, the iPad version of the site lacks video content, features poor inter-linking, limits commenting and maintains limited sharing capabilities. Within the content, inline contextual links have been stripped so that any related articles can’t be accessed through the app. Also, as one of the most important features of Huffpo, the Huffpo iPad App only allows you to view comments but not submit any of your own. Furthermore, if you were to find an article you like and want to share, you may share via Facebook or Twitter, but the simplest option to email articles isn’t available within the Huffpo App.

While clean and smooth, the Huffington Post iPad App is off to a promising start in terms of design. But the app still requires much much further development before it can be a worthy app for you to use daily amongst the many news reader apps available. In the meantime, until that day comes of a more developed Huffpo App, you’re better off accessing the Huffington Post directly through the iPad Safari browser.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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