How Stuff Works iPad App
HowStuffWorks iPad App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

HowStuffWorks iPad App

Ever wonder how pyramid schemes really work, or if a bird could fly in space? I do. All the time. And with the HowStuffWorks for iPad, I can find answers to these ridiculous questions (as well as very informative information) any time I want.

The HowStuffWorks app aggregates all of the resources found on the original website ( Articles, webcasts, and videos found on the website are available natively in this app. HowStuffWorks not only provides instructional articles to describe  how things work, but they’ve now expanded to informative articles for a variety of categories and topics. There are many interactive quizzes, a fresh change from the typical article format. With each answer comes interesting fact about the questions.

As with other iPad apps, the entire experience has been optimized for tablet devices. Users can browse through the grid layout of all articles to discover how stuff works. Articles individually categorized by interest or can be seen through a stream of all recent updates.

Articles are presented neatly and easily digestible to the reader. Pictures, relevant links and citations are all included with articles. Standard social sharing options are available as well to link to e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Videos and audio clips are played natively in the app. The video player is simple and easy to use. The stream was clear and presented all of the information really well in the landscape display of the iPad.

Last but not least, there’s the search function as a part of the app. When you actually are looking for an exact article or topic, the search tab will be the best solution. Results are displayed in the same image grid as the articles lists making it very easy to sort and find the most relevant answer.

If you’re a curious person by nature – the HowStuffWorks app is the best source to learn, explore and discover new facts about anything and everything.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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