Hearts HD iPad App
Hearts HD iPad App
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Our Rating: 60 /100 (★★★☆☆ )

Hearts HD iPad App

Hearts HD is the first free Hearts iPad App to hit the iTunes App Store. A basic rendition of the classic card game, Hearts HD is a stable and fully functional iPad app for anyone who’s looking for a simple game of Hearts. As a free app, Hearts HD version 1.0 is completely ad-free as users may play an unlimited amount of games without having to deal with distracting and intrusive advertisements.

Every essential feature necessary to play a good game of Hearts is included in the app. In case you’ve never played Hearts or just need brush up on the rules, full instructions are available from the home screen on how to play. Also available from the home screen, previous scores and games are logged for you to review your game history. Otherwise, just hit New Game and start playing hearts right away!

In terms of difficulty, the computer in Hearts HD only comes in one setting, weak. In comparison, the computer plays as strong as the AI that comes with the free version of Hearts installed on Windows machines. Which is to say, not very hard. It would be nice if the developers included various computer skill levels to choose from, but in this early version, you may only play the same three computer opponents.

As for the graphics, Hearts HD is setup with the typical casino table mat background. You can’t change the table mat or the card designs, but if Hearts is like any of the Solitaire iPad Apps, the developer’s at Blue Frog Gaming will likely provide the option in a later update or in a premium paid version to customize the game’s visual layout.

Hearts HD comes with all the basics to play a good solo game of Hearts. However, without customization options, Hearts HD is still a primitive form of where the app potentially could be. But for anyone just looking for a good game of hearts, Hearts HD is fully functional, ad-free, and stable enough to be a staple app for your iPad.

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