GT Racing Academy HD
GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD
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Our Rating: 85 /100 (★★★★½ )

GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD

Fans of driving simulators will find themselves in iPad gaming nirvana when playing GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ HD by Gameloft. Drive over a hundred cars through rally and circuit courses in arcade mode or start your own professional career.

Career mode is fun and very customized for the driving enthusiast. Like many popular simulators on game consoles, players will have to start from complete novice levels and build up their experience and car garage. License tests are practical and train players the mechanics of the game. Gamers who are used to arcade style racing will definitely find these frustrating, but the lessons from the trials will be invaluable to success in races.

Once you’ve acquired a license to race in career mode, the real simulation begins. Users can expand their garages with cars from over 26 manufacturers as they win money from races and competitions. Cars can be upgraded through the shop and customized to a users preference.

Races are fun and very well designed. One thing that Gameloft definitely got right was the ability to completely customize the user controls. For someone who wasn’t completely used to the accelerometer to steer the cars, the ability to adjust the sensitivity was essential. Along with the steering customization, there is also the ability to rotate the shifting paddles, gas and brake buttons so that steering can be much more natural. Racing in the game is very real. Physics take into account natural understeer and oversteer of each car and reward those who follow race lines and understand formal racing.

The levels range from ones made by Gameloft as well as real-world courses like the famous Laguna Seca. There are also options of rally-style racing, which is drastically different than the circuit tracks. It’s fun to get a little crazy on a snow rally course and take a break from circuits. Graphics of the game can be a little jagged and sluggish at times when going through the race, but it’s not too noticeable on the iPad2. Do expect for a long loading time when starting up the app for the first time.

The real downfall to this game is how much temptation there is to spend money in order to purchase cars and upgrades. Gameloft offers chances to purchase multipliers and in-game credit to accelerate progress. This gets more tempting as in the later parts of the game, having the best performing vehicle will give you a competitive edge in races.

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