Groupon iPad App
Groupon iPad App
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Groupon iPad App

It’s getting close to summer, which means everyone will be looking for great deals on activities and events. Never miss a chance for discounts and deals on local restaurants again with Groupon’s iPad-optimized app. Groupon offers deals from local vendors throughout the country, which usually are discounts to services or in-store offers.

The iPad app is very straightforward, which is a good thing. Now that Groupon offers a growing number of daily offers, easy browsing for deals that interest you becomes essential. Unlike the website, which provide links to other deals through a side navigation bar, all local deals can be scrolled through in the bottom window pane.  There is only one main window to the app, which makes it very simple and easy to use. The app uses the GPS of the iPad to determine your current location, providing relevant deals. Users can also quickly change their location to any other location Groupon supports.

If already a Groupon member, account information is easily synced up once logged in. There is no need to enter new billing information as it is all already stored. Users can choose to add additional methods of payment as well as sign-up if they are brand new to Groupon. Also, all purchased and unused deals can be found after logging in.

Ultra convenient is the “number bought” detail for each deal in the bottom navigation pane. With Groupon deals, they must reach a certain threshold of quantity bought (decided by Groupon and the vendor) before the deal is available. It’s convenient to know whether or not a deal is “on” and you can immediately reap the benefits of your Groupon coupon.

One major concern that I did notice was that once signed in on the iPad, the Groupon app never required any additional password checks to purchase a deal. I’d suggest most users to log out once finished with the Groupon app so that no one accidentally purchases a deal and that there are no unnecessary charges!

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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