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Google Earth iPad App
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Google Earth iPad App

Enjoy satellite imagery of our world on your desktop or iPhone? Well you’re in luck, Google has just adapted and released a native iPad version of it’s popular Google Earth tool.

In case you’ve never used or heard of Google Earth, Google Earth is a Google owned tool that allows you to view satellite images of any locale in the world. Minus a few military bases, airports, and government buildings – you can zoom in from miles in the sky to the very street level to view a top-down image of any location.

For the Google Earth iPad App, you can apply additional filters or flags on the map to call out popular attractions, places, businesses, links to Wikipedia articles, highlight roads, and display terrain. In addition, for popular locations, like the Golden Gate Bridge or Alacatraz Island in San Francisco, Google Earth is linked to Panoramio Photos to bring you user uploaded photos of the area.¬†While there isn’t a true purpose for viewing satellite photos, Google Earth on the iPad offers the popular tool in the form of an app.

In terms of performance, the only knock against Google Earth is that it loads slower on the iPad due to the bigger screen. The larger screen increases the load time as more of the map has to be shown. The desktop version and iPhone version definitely loads quicker than the iPad, but over the past updates to Google Earth, loading has sped up.

In summary, Google Earth brings you everything you would expect from the browser and iPhone version to the iPad. While it won’t enhance your life, Google Earth is simply a cool app to just have on your iPad.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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