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GetGlue For iPad App
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GetGlue For iPad App

The world is going check-in crazy. While there’s no established check-in service of choice, users are checking into restaurants and stores via Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and a plethora of other services. Like when Facebook and Twitter first started, it’s hard to pin point the value of sharing with people where you’re eating or whether you’re at Whole Foods. Regardless of any actual value, GetGlue is expanding the check-in phenomenon to movies, TV, video games, and music.

To keep people active and engaged, GetGlue encourages users with a badging system similar to what Foursquare does. But instead of just a pretty graphic beside your profile page, when you earn a badge, GetGlue will physically send you a real sticker for that badge where you can either stick on your laptop, wall, or throw away.

With GetGlue, check into movies, music, TV shows, video games, and pretty much any media channel that the location based services haven’t covered yet. Yet, oddly enough, Sports isn’t a current option in GetGlue even though NFL teams like the Washington Redskins are already promoting Foursquare check-ins to their fans this year.

The app itself is built specifically designed for the iPad. From the dashboard, you can check into what show you’re watching, a book you’re reading, and whatever you’re doing. The left navigation displays a Twitter-like stream of what everyone else is doing on GetGlue. While the rest of the app’s options allow you to build your personal profile by rating and liking books, music artists, and TV shows. These preferences in turn customize recommendations within the ‘Pick’ section for you to discover new books to read or movies to watch.

Essentially, while location check-in services dominate iPhone and Android phones, GetGlue is aiming to be the new check-in medium for iPad users.While it’s all facinating at the moment, like all social apps, how often you will use this app will depend on how often your friends use it. The GetGlue app is easy-to-use, but crashed often when I went through creating my preferences and liking movies.

GetGlue is really for people who love all things social media. If you’re the type that still doesn’t have a Twitter account, then GetGlue might just make no sense to you at all.

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