Galaga 30th Edition
Galaga 30th Anniversary iPad App
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Our Rating: 85 /100 (★★★★½ )

Galaga 30th Anniversary iPad App

To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the beloved arcade game Galaga, Namco has made the “30th” edition free for all users. This classic arcade game has been remixed with better graphics and updated effects while keeping the same gameplay that has aged so well throughout the years.

The first thing you’ll notice about the app is how much effort they’ve put into making the game look good. Menus look great on the iPad and colors are vibrant and very relevant towards the game. Even though they’ve made the application look like it belongs in the 21st century, they’ve kept the pixel graphics when actually playing the game.

Players can choose from using three different type of control schemes. Since the game was originally played with a physical joystick, the touch screen feels a bit counter intuitive at first. Namco has done a good job to help provide variety with each control type to play the game. My favorite style was actually to have the onboard ‘arcade’ layout, but those more comfortable with the touch screen can choose otherwise.

Added on the screen now is a heads up display (hud) which actually causes more annoyance and distraction than anything else. Luckily in the options menu you can choose to disable the HUD for more classic gameplay. What is nice about this game is that it also offers configurations on sound, sound effects, and button configurations all during mid-game. This ensures that players can change options while not having to leave their progress.

Gameplay hasn’t changed at all with this version. You pilot a ship thatcan move horizontally across the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to eliminate all enemy ships from the screen. Each enemy ship will take (very systematic) turns flying at you. It’s the same simple yet addictive formula that has been tested throughout the years. For free, it’s definitely a great pickup for anyone who played Galaga before, or enjoys a nice, fun and simple arcade shooter.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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