Fotopedia Heritage iPad App
Fotopedia Heritage iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

Fotopedia Heritage iPad App

When the iPad first came out, critics immediately began comparing the iPad as an eReader to the Kindle and other eReader devices. In trying to make an apples-to-apples (pun intended) comparison, the way users actually use the iPad has evolved beyond anything these other devices can deliver at the moment. As a reader that’s beyond just iBooks, developers have created a plethora of beautiful and innovative ways to use the iPad as a reader. In terms of phography, through the Fotopedia Heritage iPad App, Fotopedia’s collection of 20,000+ quality photos comes directly to the iPad to serve as a simple and casual way for you to flip through quality content from locations around the world.

In Fotopedia Heritage, select from from any marked location on a map of the world and access Fotopedia’s database of over 20,000+ user submitted photos. With a flick of your finger, jump from the Statue of Liberty to the Forbidden City in China and discover the world through the elegance of photography. Photos come from excellent vantage points and through the quality of the iPad’s screen, scan over photos in a much higher quality than what you’ll ever find in National Geographic.

While the photos are purely user submitted and under shared creative commons license, Fotopedia maintains a strict set of quality guidelines that users, for the most part, abide by. While scrolling across the water pathways of Venice, you don’t worry about tourists throwing up the peace sign or Photoshop enhanced images. Each image in the Fotopedia collection is taken without modification and meant to represent the location as true to reality as possible.

Thirsty for more? Since images are tied to specific locations within the Fotopedia database, each photo is tied directly to Wikipedia and simply clicking the i-information button brings up written articles in a transparent sidebar to the right.

Truly a great and essential app, the Fotopedia Heritage lives up to the the company’s mission for “breathing new life into photos by building a photo encyclopedia that lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole world wide web.”

Fotopedia Heritage is an excellent app no matter how you use your iPad. Download the app today, you won’t regret it.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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