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FloatyMemo iPad App
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FloatyMemo iPad App

FloatyMemo iPad App Review

FloatyMemo is an alternative to the native Notes app. It has all the basic functionality of a quick memo editor with a few additional features and an aesthetically pleasing interface.

The home screen of the app behaves like a normal desktop with sticky-notes. Note snippets have drag and drop functionality similar to that of the icons in the iPad home screen. The sticky-note like memos can be easily rearranged in any way, also being able to be stacked on top of another. This flexibility allows a user to have much more creativity in how they would like to organize their memos. Notes can be flagged as “done” which is useful for to-do list fanatics.

One thing lacking is an option to have a fix to grid option to help maintain some order with the notes. Once you mass a large number of notes, the screen turns into a bit of a chaotic mess.

Creating a new memo is very straightforward. The interface is very minimalistic so that functions do not get in the way of the app’s purpose – to jot down memos and notes on the fly.  FloatyMemo comes with a variety of different fonts and colors. Those who are addicts to having very unique fonts can definitely appreciate all the choice and variety there is.

Unfortunately the only options available are for font choice. The app lacks a very important ability to share or e-mail the saved notes. The note can only be viewed within the app, which makes transferring a to-do list to external sources extremely difficult. There is also a very noticeable lag when using the app. When opening and closing memos, transitions are not smooth and sometimes can get very choppy.

For a simple app to take notes FloatyMemo gets the job done but won’t shouldn’t be considered in replacing the stock Notes app.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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