Flipboard iPad App
Flipboard iPad App
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Our Rating: 100 /100 (★★★★★ )

Flipboard iPad App

Flipboard brings you a new and attractive way to view your favorite RSS feeds, social news, blogs and websites all in one app presenting them in a custom virtual magazine.  You can choose up to 9 sources, including your Facebook and Twitter, and the list of available sources is constantly growing day-by-day.

Articles and feeds are highlighted in brief sections that can pops out upon a single tap, with the additional option view the article on its source web page without ever leaving the app. At the moment, you can only choose from predefined news sources set by Flipboard. An option to select your own feeds may come from future updates. Once in an article, exiting the article can be done as simply as clicking the “x” or pinching the app to zoom back into the original magazine layout.  Navigating between articles and pages is seamless.  Navigating between sources is less so, requiring you to exit your current source and return to the main page before choosing a new source.

Linked videos, images and articles are displayed directly, making the sharing of them evermore user-friendly.  The pages flip like an actual magazine, similar to the turning of pages in iBooks, as opposed to scrolling, promoting more of the skimming approach of magazine reading.

For the Facebook and Twitter boards, Flipboard adapts status updates, links, photos, and all the wacky items your friends share into Flipboard form. Full excerpts and thumbnails are pulled from articles and links your friends share. Status updates placed in miniature boxes. While photos are rendered within their own boxes as well generating a flippable board customized social news.

At the moment, due to the immense popularity of the app, the Flipboard team is having issue serving all new users and you must get on the waitlist to have your Facebook and Twitter synced. To do so, load the app, click on Facebook or Twitter and follow the instructions.

Flipboard is a beautiful alternative, but not replacement to your favorite RSS reader.  The app highlights some of the most popular recent feeds but is far from all inclusive.  It is the perfect app to stay in the know on the go when you may not have the time for a more extensive RSS or Facebook reading session. But above all else, Flipboard provides an entirely fresh and new way for you to stay in tune with mainstream and social news on your iPad.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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