Evernote iPad App
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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

Evernote iPad App

Evernote, the popular and ever growing service that allows you to access your digital notes wherever you are is one of the most popular and highest rated iPad apps. Embarrassingly enough, I only recently began using Evernote. Though shortly getting on-board, I realized that with Evernote, I could access and edit my living documents, thoughts and to-do lists and whenever and wherever I can find a web connection. To boot, Evernote lets me access my set of shared notes from my iPhone (Android support is available as well), iPad, laptop and any web browser.

If you live life on-the-go and want a single easy way to remember notes aside from bar napkins, then the Evernote iPad App and service is the best solution. The iPhone and iPad apps are free to download. The service itself is free for you to use whether you’re on a mobile device or computer. With a free account, you get up to 60MB of storage a few limitations in terms of uploading images, audio files or PDFs. There is option to upgrade into a premium account where you get up to 1GB of storage per month at a nominal rate of $5/month.

Depending on your needs, the free version should suffice as a basic note taker and to-do list.

Since everything on Evernote is synced to the cloud, either a WiFi or 3G access is a must. However, you can still access and edit locally stored notes without access to the web. Changes and new notes will be saved within the app and sync with the Evernote cloud the next time you find a connection.

Evernote also offers nifty features for you to store pictures taken from your iPad 2, upload pictures from your existing photo album, and you can even record voice memos. For business and tech users, the picture taking feature has been awesome for capturing whiteboard images following brainstorm meetings. For personal use, a Evernote serves as an excellent simple note taking service.

Evernote offers a true multimedia approach to storing and sharing notes.

Evernote has to-be-expected bugs when it comes to syncing, conversion issues with re-formatting Word documents, limited text editing features, and it’s not always easy to find ways to edit existing documents. But overall, a free service and app that lets you access your shared documents over the web is a must for iPad users.


Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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