Epicurious iPad App
Epicurious iPad App
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Our Rating: 90 /100 (★★★★½ )

Epicurious iPad App

From all the people who have little time on their hands and are sick of eating ramen noodles every day to those looking to entertain an entire party, for those who can julienne a cucumber to those who can barely boil water, I suggest you pick up Epicurious for the iPad.

Epicurious is more than a mobile cookbook (a good one at that). They have everything from everyday dinner plans to cocktails for your next soiree. Everything is divided neatly into their respective sections that are easy to access from the main page.

Can’t cook a lick? There is a section aptly named “ I Can Barely Cook” that will walk you through the simplest of meals that taste great. Delve into “I Can Cook Like A Pro” and you will find more advanced techniques and menus.

There is absolutely something for everyone, cook for kids in the kids menu or cook for diets in the healthy sections. Each guide provides lists of ingredients, step by step directions and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Epicurious is not limited by a built in menu as it is constantly updated online. Therein lies the catch, as to experience Epicurious you would need an internet connection. All recipes can be downloaded and saved on the app for take a long on trips where internet isn’t accessible. Can’t find what you want? Epicurious has a built in search engine to search by recipes, food names or ingredients.

I highly recommend Epicurious. The directions are easy to follow and interface is very user friendly. The plethora of options that the app provides makes up for any short comings (pop up ads on the upgraded version). Take some time out and make yourself a delicious meal today, or browse the cocktail section and take one off.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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