Dropbox iPad App
Dropbox iPad App
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Dropbox iPad App

Dropbox iPad App Review

Dropbox, a cloud storage service that started out first with the web, has now expanded its product to the iPad. For those unfamiliar with Dropbox, it is a free service that provides 2gigs of space to store and be accessed anywhere with a web connection and across devices. Additional space can be purchased through a monthly fee.

The Dropbox iPad app provides an optimized interface to access as well as upload files. Landscape mode fully optimizes the screen to include a document preview on the right, and a navigation bar on the left. In portrait view, this bar can be toggled through a universal  “home” button. I found it pretty easy to navigate to my desired files. There wasn’t any noticeable lag or delay when opening files when on a WiFi connection.

All the functionality of the desktop application can be found within the iPad app. Users can upload photos and videos that are saved on their iPads. They delete or share files to friends via the share link to friends via e-mail. One great function is the ability to set a document as your ‘favorite,’ allowing you to view the document offline. You can allocate up to 1gig of offline storage to use, which is great for users with the WiFi only iPad.

Although the ability to view documents is immediately available, editing documents requires further steps. The Dropbox app does not come with a native document editor. Instead, it refers you to purchase apps from the iTunes Store in order to enable that function. The third party text editors are paid apps that can be found in the iTunes Store. This cost becomes a necessity if Dropbox storage becomes your primary hub for documents and you require the ability to edit and save.

Dropbox iPad app is able to view most of the common files:

  • Images (jpeg, gif, tiff)
  • Music (mp3, wav)
  • Movies (.mov, .mp4, m4v)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Excel Documents
  • Adobe PDF
  • Standard .txt file
Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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