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Draw Free For iPad App
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Our Rating: 50 /100 (★★½☆☆ )

Draw Free For iPad App

Draw Free iPad is a straightforward doodle application for the iPad. I say doodle simply because this is as barebones as it gets. If you’re looking for a more advanced illustrating app you might want to check the paid app sections for something like Sketchbook Pro HD.

Draw Free is limited to a range of about 10 colors and varying brush sizes. The most fun with Draw Free came from sketching less than savory pictures and sharing them with others for a laugh. Unfortunately it doesn’t become much more after this.

Another fairly standard option is the ability to import pictures from your iPad and drawing over them. Giving your girlfriend a twirly 1920’s mustache and sharing it on Twitter or Facebook is always fun, too bad Draw Free tends to change the resolution when importing pictures sometimes diminishing the quality.

From an execution standpoint, most will find the finger tracking on the application extremely lacking and frustrating enough to give up on. I don’t blame you. This and pedestrian features that are far outmatched by any standard paint program found on your computer makes the case for itself.

You won’t find much substance in Draw Free iPad. There are better apps to be found with some time spent scouring the market. Stick to a pen and paper for this one.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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