Dizzypad HD
Dizzypad HD iPad App
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Our Rating: 50 /100 (★★½☆☆ )

Dizzypad HD iPad App

Dizzypad HD is an interesting frog themed free iPad game that’s recently been adapted from the iPhone to iPad. The object of the game is to jump from one lily pad to another with your ‘frogatar’ by timing precise jumps while collecting flowers (lives) along the way and scoring points. Overall, Dizzypad HD is a simple and challenging game, but much of what makes Dizzypad sticky lies behind $1.99 in-app purchases.

Your main avatar-frog  can be customized as you unlock new skins by completing feats and challenges such as consecutive streaks of landing on pads without missing.

Actual game play is quite simple. In Classic Mode – the only available mode that doesn’t require additional purchases – you start with roughly 2-3 lily pads on screen that you need to jump to and progress along an endless map. The main goal, since there is no actual end, is to gain as many points as you can to achieve a high ranking on the global leader board. As an additional challenge, you can gain extra lives or flowers by taking the risk of jumping to a further lily. Each lily pad spins as different speeds and directions. While seemingly simple, timing your jumps by tapping the screen is actually quite challenging and requires strategy for when you decide to take the risk of going to a farther lily.

While there’s only one free game mode available, the map and lily locations are randomly generated for each new game and you get a new map each time you play.

In terms of graphics, Dizzypad HD is yet another iPad game with ‘HD’ in it’s title that really has nothing HD about the graphics at all. That doesn’t mean Dizzypad HD has poor graphics, just simple graphics. The only graphics you ever really see is the koi pond in the background, the moon’s reflection, lily pads, flowers, and an occasional dragon fly that buzzes around.

As challenging classic mode is within the game, the more interesting modes (sliders, memory, and 2-player battle) that provide more diversity to the game are in-app purchases with each mode costing $1.99. While Dizzypad HD does have it’s moments in providing a challenging survival mode type game, there’s really nothing else to the game unless you want to pay $1.99 each to unlock additional modes.

If you like simple 2-3 minute games, go ahead and download Dizzypad HD. Otherwise, there’s nothing special at all about Dizzypad HD.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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