Deer Hunter Challenge
Deer Hunter Challenge iPad App
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Our Rating: 80 /100 (★★★★☆ )

Deer Hunter Challenge iPad App

Deer Hunter Challenge is a simulation on the iPad for hunting throughout the world. Players are strategically placed in maps to hunt various game. The app utilizes the iPad touch screen to help zoom, steady, and aim their way to becoming the best Deer Hunter.

Players have a bevy of options for character customization. The avatar of the player can be changed to suit anyone’s hunting preferences. Weapons, which can be bought or acquired can also be customized. Various scope sizes and colors are available for upgrading the weapons.

There is a robust leveling system in the game. With each animal shot and level a player progresses through, amounts of experience points are gained. Players can choose to allocate the points to five different categories. With all the options in using skill points, the gameplay can vary with each level up. There are various leader-boards set up through gamecenter where you can compare your hunting achievements with friends.

Not only is there the normal hunting mode. There is also a mini game mode allowing a player to jump directly into a map for the hunt. You’ll find many more targets in these maps as well as the use of various weapons. One bonus map places you in a map with rabbit as your game. You must use a handgun instead of a rifle, which adds a different feel to the overall gameplay.

While not the excitement you’d get from a round of Big Game Hunters from your local Dave and Busters, Deer Hunter Challenge for the iPad is a great arcade-style hunting game for those interested in the genre.

Available for free at the Apple AppStore:


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